UmaTECH is India's largest Veterinary and Animal weighing Scales Company and has the Manufacturing power to Supply Veterinary and animal scales from various Sizes & Capacities, UmaTECH Scales, as well as our own range of in-house animal and vet scales. UmaTECH Scales, ONE STOP SHOP for your Animal Weighing needs of all Types of Weighing Solutions in Veterinary & Animal Weighing Applications. Our Specialty is grams to tons Veterinary and Animal Scales.

UMATECH SCALES is the only Indian manufacturer who has developed and manufactured in true sense the complete range of Veterinary & Animal Weighing Solutions from Pets to Elephants Weighing Scales in its own setup illustrating the technical competence of the Animal Weighing Solutions. UMATECH SCALES, India’s Leading Veterinary and Animal Weighing Scales Manufacturers in Tamilnadu. WE AT UMATECH SCALES OFFER EXCELLENT WEIGHING SCALES & EQUIPMENTS FOR BOTH PETS & ANIMALS.

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Greeting for UMATECH SCALES, We would like to introduce ourselves as UMA MECHANICAL WORKS, which started Operations in SINCE in 1974, is amongst the leading manufacturers and Suppliers of Veterinary and Animal Weighing Scales of international Standard of quality. UMA MECHANICAL WORKS, Owing our Own ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturing & Designing Unit in Tirupur, Tamilnadu – INDIA. We are manufacturing all types of Pet Scales, Vet Scales, Digital Animal Balances, Veterinary Weighing Scales, Heavy-duty Large Animals Platform Weighing Scales under the brand name “UMATECH”, Highly Demand & Appreciated by Veterinarians, Vet & Pet Clinics, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Universities, Animal Research Centers, Laboratories, Veterinary Clinics, Livestock Farms, Weighing of Pet animals, City Zoo or Animals Park, Animal husbandries, Veterinary Hospitals, Dairy Farms, Animal Parks, Zoo, Animal Health Research Laboratories, Animal Health & Nutrition Centers, Poultry Research Stations, Zoonosis Research Laboratory, Veterinary College, Animal Research Institute, Veterinary University Training & Research Centers, Small & Large Animal Weighment, Pet Clinics & Shops .

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